Our Product Line

ACROBAT Tow Vehicle
Acoustic Recorders
Acoustic Releases
Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
Acoustic Current Meters
Acoustic Telemetry Systems
AHRS Attitude Heading Reference Systems
APEX Profiling Float
Aramid Ropes
ARGOS Transmitters
AUVs Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Backscatter Sensors
Bio-Optical Profiling Systems
Bottom Classification System RoxAnn
Bottom Coring Equipment
Bottom Instrument Mounts

CH4 Sensors
CO2 Sensors
CTD Systems

Digital Gyro Compasses
Drift Buoys

Electro-Mechanical Cables
Electrical and Optical Slip Rings

Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG)
Flotation Material

Glass Flotation Spheres
Glass Instrument Housings
Graphic Recorders

Hydrographic Echo Sounders

Ice Beacons
Ice Profilers
Inductive Sensor Modems

Light Sensors

Meteorological Beacons
Multi-Beam Bathymetric Sonar Systems

Navigation Systems

Oceanographic Winches
Optical Instruments
Optical Plankton Counters

Pan and Tilt Units
PAR Sensors
Photo Cameras
Pinger Receivers
Plankton Nets
Positioning Systems

Recovery Beacons
Rosette Water Samplers
Rotary Joints for Fluids and Gases
ROVs Remote Operated Vehicles

Scanning Sonars
Sensor Modules
Side-Scan Sonars
Solar LED Lanterns
Sub-Bottom Profilers
Sub-Surface Buoys
Survey Software
Survey Echosounders

Tilt Sensors
Towing Systems

Underwater Connectors
Underwater Lights
UV Sensors
Video Cameras
Water Samplers
Wave Gliders
Wave and Tide Gauges
Wireless Communication Systems

What can we do for you?

We are specialists in marine technology, and our innovative equipment has been part of many successful research projects for decades. Our company enjoys the recognition and trust of scientists, institutes, and the many different financing organizations behind them. Please, look over our impressive line of products, and let us offer you the best possible technical solution for your project!

You will find a few examples of delivered apparatus below: