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We offer a very comprehensive line of products, some of which are also available on a leasing basis. Besides our own lease pool in Kiel, we have access to the equipment stock of various organizations worldwide.
Please contact us for a discussion of your needs!

At the present time, you can lease the following equipment from our stock in Kiel, or purchase it used:

XEOS Self-Contained Submersible VHF Beacon XMB-7500, Depth 7500m – data sheet

XEOS Self-Contained Submersible LED Flasher XMF-7500, Depth 7500m – data sheet

SEA-BIRD CTD SBE 9plus incl. Deck Unit SBE 11 – data sheet

SEA-BIRD CTD SBE 19plus SeaCat Profiler – data sheet

SEA-BIRD CT SBE 37-SMP MicroCat – data sheet

SEA-BIRD CTD SBE 49 FastCat – data sheet

SEA-BIRD SBE 38 Digital Oceanographic Thermometer – data sheet

WETLABS ECO Chlorophyll Fluorometer, Turbidity Meter ECO FLNTURT, 0-50 µg/l, 0-100 NTU, 600m – data sheet
Optional with ECO Flow-Through Chamber

What can we do for you?

We are specialists in marine technology, and our innovative equipment has been part of many successful research projects for decades. Our company enjoys the recognition and trust of scientists, institutes, and the many different financing organizations behind them. Please, look over our impressive line of products, and let us offer you the best possible technical solution for your project!

You will find a few examples of delivered apparatus below: